Perfect light, perfect moment

Dare Colors!

The holî SmartLamp is a Bluetooth enabled multicolor lamp that you can control with your smartphone so it reacts to your lifestyles: The holî SmartLamp transforms all décors, connects to your music to create memorable moments and wakes you up gently.


Billions of colors at your fingertips.

Transform the décor of your room in a click with exclusive multicolor effects produced by professional light designers. Match every moment and mood: pastel colors when it’s time to relax, dynamic effects for festive times and delicate light choreographies for romantic moments. With the holî SmartLamp, changing the atmosphere of a room has never been so easy.

You are the Piccasso of light.

Be creative.

The holî SmartLamp is indisputably the most versatile Mood Lamp ever. Unleash your creativity and compose your own lighting effects. Create vibrant light-scapes with virtually unlimited color combinations.

lightpro Holî

Enliven your parties.

Nights to remember.

The holî SmartLamp will also make the light dance to your favourite tunes (compatible with iTunes, Spotify and Deezer). It creates real light shows, which are perfectly synchronised with your music thanks to a patented technology, called Music for the eyes™ . Whether you’re a fan of Daft Punk, Eminem or the dance floors of Ibiza, the Holî SmartLamp has something for you!


Works With

Happy mornings.

No matter if you're a night owl or a morning person, the holî SmartLamp will help you to wake up naturally every morning. Inspired by the sunrise, the light gradually increases during 20 minutes. It ues your body to set a healthy sleep cycle, get up easily and to feel alert, refreshed and energetic all day.



Application > iOS 7 (or above) ou Android 4.0 (or above)
Wireless > Bluetooth 3.0
Power rating > 10W. Nearly x7 more efficient than traditional light bulbs
Lighting > 18 individually controlled high power LEDs. Up to 130lm/w (white)
Colors > Hundreds of millions of combinations
Power supply > 5V / 2A 100-240V
Power output > More than 500 lumens
Casing material > High grade aluminium
Supported Devices for Android > Samsung Galacy S5, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S3, Sony XPERIA Z1, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
Proudly designed and engineered in France

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